Corrlinks Email Login

You have to be logged into Corrlinks, for you to either send or receive emails through the prison email system. Logging into is just like logging into any other site, as we will see shortly.

How to access the login page

The Corrlinks homepage also serves as the login page. You will notice that when you enter the website address for Corrlinks’ homepage (, you are automatically redirected to what is essentially the login page, at So, to access the login page, you only need to enter ‘’ into your browser’s address bar. The page you will land on is actually also the login page. On the left hand side of that page, there are spaces for you enter your email address and your password, as well as a ‘Login’ button. Even if you are using a mobile browser, and you enter, the first page you land on is still the login page. login credentials

As alluded to above, the required login credentials are your email address and your password. The email address in question here naturally has to be the one you provided when you were signing up with Corrlinks. The password has to be the one that you set up when you were registering with Corrlinks. login procedure

The Corrlinks login procedure involves entering your email address and your password, and then clicking on the ‘Login’ button which is provided below the space for password entry. Instead of clicking on the ‘login’ button, you can just enter the email address and the password, and then hit the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard, and the effect will be the same. So long as you entered the right email address and password combination, you will be taken straight to your Corrlinks account. Once there, you can check the inbox for new/old messages, compose and send messages to inmates, add funds to your account… and undertake the whole range of account management tasks.

How to recover password

Should it happen that you have forgotten your Corrlinks password, there is opportunity for you to recover it. Below the space for password and just above the login button, you will notice a blue link labeled ‘Forgot your password?’ Click on it, and you will be taken to That is a page where you can initiate the process of resetting the password, by entering your email address and a captcha code. You just have to prove that the account you are trying to reset a password for is yours, before you can be allowed to carry out that particular operation.