Corrlinks Registration

People who are keen on communicating using the Corrlinks prison email system have to register, before they can start sending and receiving emails via Corrlinks. By registering at, you create an account, that being the account through which you would be sending and receiving emails. The Corrlinks registration process is a simple and straightforward one, as we will see shortly.

Accessing the registration page

There are several ways for you to access the registration page. You can go to the Corrlinks homepage, at, and click on the ‘register’ button near the bottom of the page (under the ‘new users’ section). You can, alternatively, enter the address for the page directly, the said address being Or you can carry out a search on your favorite search engine for a term like ‘Corrlinks registration’ and you will be give a link to the said registration page as one of the search results.

Required details for registration

You have to provide a couple of personal details when going through Corrlinks registration. The first of those is your name: both the first name and the last name. The second required detail is your email address: which you have to enter twice. Should you be signing up for Corrlinks pursuant to an invitation (say, from an inmate who wants to communicate with you), you would need to enter the identification code which comes in the invitation email. It is, of course, during the registration process that you set up a password, and retype it to confirm.

Only adults (people who are above 18 years of age) can undergo registration.

What follows after registration?

What follows Corrlinks registration is account verification. As is the case with most other serious websites, you have to prove that the email account you used to sign up for Corrlinks is an email account that you actually own. So a verification link is sent to you through that email address. If you don’t find it in your inbox, you should consider checking it in your spam folder. You click on the verification link, or copy and paste it into your browser, to complete the verification.

If you were signing up following an invitation from an inmate, and you entered the identification code and accepted to communicate with that particular inmate, you will be able to start communicating once the system updates. That is typically within half an hour. If you just signed up for a Corrlinks account without invitation, then you will have to add inmates (using their prison inmate numbers). Then if they wish to communicate with you, they will send you requests and once you approve, you will be able to communicate with them via Corrlinks.