www.corrlinks.com Mobile

There is a version of the Corrlinks website that is designed for mobile browsers. As we all know, mobile browsers face certain limitations: especially with respect to space for display of elements. This is why progressive webmasters endeavor to create mobile-friendly versions of their websites. The folks behind the Corrlinks prison email system have not been left behind in that respect: as they have put together a version of Corrlinks.com for mobile browsers: the one that we are making reference to here.

Accessing www.corrlinks.com on a mobile device

You access Corrlinks.com on a mobile device just the way you would access it on a desktop computer or on a laptop. So what you do is launch the mobile device’s browser, then go to the address bar or the space provided for entry of URLs, and enter www.corrlinks.com. The site will, by itself, detect that you are accessing it on a mobile device, using a mobile browser. And once it does that, aware of the limitations associated with mobile browsers, it will serve you with the mobile browser-friendly version of the website, through m.corrlinks.com.

The homepage for m.corrlinks.com, just like the homepage for desktop browsers (at www.corrlinks.com) is essentially the login page. But you will notice that with m.corrlinks.com, certain elements that are available on the homepage for desktop browsers are omitted. You will notice that m.corrlinks.com is stripped down to the bare essentials, in keeping with what is expected of a mobile version of a webpage.

How www.corrlinks.com for mobile works

The Corrlinks.com version for mobile devices works just like the Corrlinks version for desktop computers and laptops. It is just that the elements on the pages are adjusted, to cope with the space limitations on mobile browsers. You also note that elements deemed to be non-essential (strictly speaking) are omitted from the various pages. But in terms of functionality for things like reading messages, composing messages and sending messages, m.corrlinks.com works just like www.corrlinks.com.

Two alternatives for using www.corrlinks.com on a smart-phone

We can’t conclude our discussion on Corrlinks Mobile without saying something about the two alternatives for using Corrlinks.com on a smart-phone. The first one is the option we have been discussing so far: the option of accessing Corrlinks using the mobile browser provided on the smart-phone.  The other alternative is that of using either the Corrlinks Android app or the Corrlinks iPhone app (which is based on the iOS platform). To use either of these apps, you only need to upgrade your membership, from free Corrlinks membership to the Premier Corrlinks membership, at a very modest fee. Then you will be able to use the apps. With the apps, you will find many tasks that were cumbersome for you to perform when you were using the browsers being much more convenient to perform. In a nutshell, the apps can enhance your Corrlinks user experience greatly.