CorrLinks Inmate Email is the site where you can communicate in a speedy, secure and convenient manner via email with people who are in prison. Whether you are looking to communicate with incarcerated friends, incarcerated relatives or other acquaintances that are in prison, makes it possible for you to do so in a hassle-free manner.

How works

Because Corrlinks is designated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons as the official email system for inmates to communicate with the outside world, it enjoys certain advantages over other prison email systems. For one, emails send through Corrlinks are read directly on prison computers, rather than having to be printed and given to inmates as printouts. Of course, inmates who prefer the printouts can still have the same — at a modest fee. With the other non-official (commercial) prison email systems, all received emails are printed out, and the inmates handed the printouts.

When it comes to sending emails, again, inmates are allowed access to prison computers, on which they can send emails directly through Corrlinks. Thus, in a nutshell, makes REAL email communication possible for prison inmates.

Corrlinks has the feel and look of a typical email system. It has functionality for composing and sending emails. It has inbox functionality and other features you’d expect in normal email. Still, there are some notable differences. Corrlinks email messages can’t carry attachments. Corrlinks email messages are limited to 13,000 characters (not 13,000 words). Through Corrlinks, inmates can only communicate with people who approve their requests for communication. And, needless to say, messages send and received through Corrlinks are subjected to some level of monitoring.

Getting started with

The most straightforward way to get started is where you give your email address to the people who are in prison, and whom you want to be communicating with via email through Corrlinks. They will then need to go to Corrlinks, and initiate a request to communicate with you. This request will come to you via email: where, in some cases, it may end up in your spam folder. Once you set up a Corrlinks account and approve the request (by entering the identification code which comes with the invitation email), you can soon thereafter start communicating with those specific inmates via Corrlinks.

Alternatively, you can just register for a Corrlinks account, and then add inmates (if you know their prison numbers), setting in motion an approval process that will culminate in you being able to communicate with them through the system. also allows you to block requests from inmates you don’t want to get into communication with. Registration

The Corrlinks registration page is That is where you sign up for the Corrlinks prison email service. The required sign up details are your names, your email address and a password (which, naturally, you select/set yourself). At registration time, you can also enter the identification code in case you are signing up following an invitation. You then need to read the terms and conditions, and agree to abide by them. You also need to be over 18 years of age, to register with

Once you have an account, and you receive a request to communicate from an inmate, you can approve it to initiate actual email correspondence between you and that particular inmate. Login

To log into, you only need to enter your email address and your password in the respective spaces, and then click on the ‘Login’ button. The Corrlinks login functionality is available right on the homepage, at – and you therefore don’t have to transition to any other page to log in. Mobile

If you are using a mobile device, you can access a version of the website that is designed for mobile browsers, at This takes you to a stripped down login page. Actually, the Corrlinks website is able to detect if you are using a mobile device by itself. If it detects that you are using a mobile device, then it automatically takes you to (even after you enter Worth mentioning is the fact that there are also some Corrlinks apps for the iPhone and the Android platforms, which you can use once you sign up and upgrade to a Premier account. The Premier Corrlinks account costs just a few dollars, and it gives you much more convenience – including that of using the Corrlinks apps.